What is a Thermomix and Why Do You Need One?

If you’re a lazy cook or someone who wants to cook more at home, then a Thermomix might be the answer to your problems. If you want healthier meals or less reliance on Swiggy or Uber Eats, then Thermomix might be the investment into your health you need.

Thermomix is a kitchen robot. Similar to Rosie from The Jetsons, she’s sleek, fast and makes the occasional gentle beep. Dissimilarly, she won’t walk your dog and you will have to at least put ingredients in the machine.

No thinking

The machine has a computer chip in that has a few hundred recipes on it. From hummus to pasta, risotto to soup, you simply turn on the machine and follow the sequence of ingredients. It will tell you to add onions, then leave it to saute for five minutes. It will chop, and then stir the onions while it cooks them. You simply put the ingredients in and it does all the work.

There is literally no chance of ruining this meal if you follow the directions.

No burning, no overcooking

Because the time you cook things for and the temperature things are cooked at is pre-set, if you follow the recipe, there is no chance of burning or overcooking. This is excellent for impatient people (such as myself) who turn up the heat way too fast at the start to make things cook faster, only to end up making things crispy instead of sauteed.

what is a thermomix
Just do exactly as the Thermomix says, and nobody gets hurt, nothing gets burnt, and everything tastes delicious.

Thermomix makes meal prep easy

Breads and dough: If you like real bread, or simply hate preparing roti, then Thermomix does the stirring and kneading for you. All you will have to do is roll it and cook it- no getting dough under your nails!

Chopping: If you hate chopping, then Thermomix is ideal as a chopper, blender, or grinder. A powerful motor means you can make ginger-garlic paste in 15 seconds, or reduce an onion to a finely chopped curry base in 5 seconds. It will reduce cinnamon sticks to dust faster than you can say ‘#gorikhushhui’

Weighing: An inbuilt scale means that you can weigh ingredients as you put them in. Don’t dirty all your measuring cups; simply reset the scale to zero and pour straight in.

Emulsifying: This is hugely exciting for me because I am incredibly impatient and I cannot emulsify to save my life. The Thermomix has a lid-within-a-lid so you simply pour the oil into the lid and it slowly drips it in for you, while it stirs and blends to create a sauce that wont separate, coagulate and be ultimately throw out. Mayonnaise, hollandaise, and toum, all will be PERFECT.

Steaming: The Thermomix has two levels of steaming; one in the bottom part, for things like potatoes that take longer to cook (perfect for potato-based variety of Indian classics like pav bhaji and samosas) and the top part for vege or meat. This means you can steam everything at the same time, yet still cook things to varying levels.

The Thermomix had a hand in all of these things. Rice risotto, gazpacho, broccoli salad, gingerbread, bread knots, and a rather spicy chutney

If you are wanting to make home style meals more, there is a definite advantage in using the Thermomix. With kids and family running around, sometimes taking time out to cook can be challenging. This appliance takes away all of the stress, all of the timing issues, and all of the hard work. For people like myself, who love cooking and are challenged by the need to follow a recipe, it may not be what you want or need. However I see huge benefits for families, people who rely on takeaways and delivered food, and those wanting to lose weight.

Thermomix can also be bought on EMI over 3,6,9,12,18 or 24 months. Team Thermomix India can be contacted on askus@pocketkitchen.in +91 9108125962

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