Should I Travel to Cure a Broken Heart?
Should I Travel to Cure a Broken Heart?

Should I Travel to Cure a Broken Heart?

travel to cure a broken heart


On a nondescript Wednesday night, I got dumped. Or, I dumped him because I got sick of waiting for him to do it. I was brave and a little foolhardy, and now I’m utterly miserable. Bereft. Devastated. I loved him more than I ever thought possible to love someone, and he just didn’t love me enough, he wasn’t ‘in’ love with me. While my brain accepts that, my heart is taking the news a little bit harder. Thursday passed in a blur of unstoppable tears. On Facebook, a friend who had recently re-located to India had a status update about his recent move, and I dropped a comment, ‘got a job for me?’ Friday was filled with desperate sadness, wondering if travel to cure a broken heart is a good idea. Until my friend, Tim, contacted me.

I won’t bore you with the details of that chat, but in time, I was offered a job. In Bengaluru (or Bangalore, if you will). The thoughts that rolled through my head were predictably rather erratic. When I sat down and thought about it, what did I actually have here in Christchurch? My job was becoming increasingly difficult and less enjoyable. My ex-husband hadn’t paid out my half of our house, and so I was flatting, unable to buy a house, stuck with the weight of legal action over my life. My boyfriend didn’t want me and I was miserable. I had family and friends here, but they have their own lives, children, houses. Then I thought about what I’d have to do in order to leave, and the list was surprisingly small.

Should I Stay or Should I Travel to Cure a Broken Heart…?

I love Christchurch. I love the hills. They are beautiful, and calm, and provide great peace in my life. I have many wonderful friends and family here. I know there are opportunities here, but I craved travel, adventure. I wanted to be able to explore a new country, a new culture, new food. To find the beauty in small things, the joy of wonderful people in strange places.

Saturday. I pondered and rolled ideas around in my head. A phone call from India set a chain of events in place that culminated in me writing a list of things I would have to deal with before I left.
Dealing with my car
A few possessions
And it’s surprising, just how small that list is. Packing up and leaving a country isn’t difficult once your head is in that space!
I called my boss and told him he would have my resignation that week.
Then I sat there, terrified. My life! What is up with that? I’m moving to India!

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