A letter to Uber India

Dear Uber India:  Christian Freese,  Amit Jain, Abhinav Mittoo, Dara Khosrowshahi,

I’m probably not your biggest user but I’m fairly consistent. Over the past few years, I’ve taken 500-ish trips over six+ different countries. There’s been some inappropriate drivers (which I reported and you dealt with, thanks), some long detours when drivers got lost (no idea how when your app gives great directions), but overall, my experiences have been ok. (let’s not talked about how all the drivers in Uber India Hyderabad know that if the customer cancels the trip, they get Rs. 50 for the pleasure, so they accept the trip and then just wait until you cancel it….)

The problem is, that for some reason, after 500 or so successful Visa transactions, you’ve decided to no longer accept my Visa. There’s money in the account, it’s never denied a transaction, so… why?

When this first happened, I queried your Uber India accounts team asking my Visa be reinstated. After all, I only have one Visa card and I see no reason to get any others, as no other retailer in any other country I’ve visited has had a problem with this Visa.

The robots on the end of your helpdesk were polite but unhelpful with their copy-and-pasted responses. Apologies for getting increasingly frustrated with the ridiculous responses….

Uber India Uber India
So, you can see the reply I received: it’s a system thing, and no-one can fix it. I refuse to use cash here in India following demonetization as change was impossible to get, and I have had drivers try to get me to pay tolls/ extras. I think that finding appropriate change twice a day for a manual cash transaction, when I could have an automated card transaction, seems silly. I also think you demanding I use a different credit card is utterly bizarre, no other company ever, in the entire world, has specified that I change the way I pay something when it has previously worked. Nonsensical.

So, here you go, Uber India. My challenge to you. Reinstate the use of my credit card.

Update: 15 May

I sent PM’s on LinkedIn to the directors of Uber, I Tweeted them, I used their help function on their app, and I Facebooked their official Uber page. I had success! And this morning, I used Uber and my credit card and it WORKED!

Thank you Uber, for finally sorting this out. I’m going to leave this post up as other ex-pats might have issues with their credit cards not working for Uber too.

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