Beautiful Things In Bangalore

A Ramanchandran

Just a quick post of beautiful things. Visited the Bangalore National Modern Art Gallery yesterday. The price for locals to visit is Rs. 20 and for tourists, Rs. 500. I have no problems with paying more than the locals, I think it’s good that it’s accessible for locals to visit. The building itself is beautiful, light, airy, and cool. The first section is the more traditional Indian art, and the second half the modern.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about art.

A Ramachandran
A Ramachandran – Earthen Pot

The current exhibition is A Ramachandran. He has a strong feeling in his works about the inequality that is evident here in India. Lots of colour, and the size of some of his paintings are massive (which I like). Anyway, I really loved his work.

One in particular is the line drawing above, so beautiful!

Then I found one of Jagdish Swaminathan’s artworks. I came home and researched him a bit more. I love the colours and the sense of freedom (see disclaimer) in his art. Beautiful. I’d be happy to have any of these artworks hanging on my walls in my house.

And now your Indian art lesson (such as it is) is over for the day.

Jagdish Swaminathan
Jagdish Swaminathan
Jagdish Swaminathan

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